Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In Uniform

Continuing the rather slow porocess of posting synopses for the Funky Squad radio shows from the Triple M Breakfast days, we're now up to

In Uniform.

Of which I only have one episode, so don't ask me how it ends. But I can tell you how it begins - with a worried Chief calling Funky Squad into his office.

Chief: Funky Squad, what I'm about to say must never leave this room.
Squaddies: We understand, Chief.
Voices from outside: We understand too, Chief!
Chief: Stix, shut that door.

The Chief suspects some police are dodgy (Wow, really?) and that their headquarters are bugged. His suspicions are confirmed when a microphone is discovered under a lampshade.

Cassie: Smash it, Stix!
SFX: Crash!
Cassie: Not the lamp, the microphone.

It's time for Funky Squad to go Ghost Squad, and investigate corruption within the force.

Chief: You may face great danger.
Stix: Hey, we're no stranger to danger
Chief: There could be pain
Stix: Pain's no strain
Chief: There could be serious ramifications
Stix: Ramifications are.... Fine
Chief: Of course, to properly infiltrate the source, you'll have to go back in uniform.
Squaddies react with horror.

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