Friday, May 4, 2007

Episode 2: The Art Of Murder

A small-time sculptor is murdered by a well-respected art dealer after a confrontation... But is there more to this dealer’s recent shipments of modern art than meets the eye? Time to call in

Funky Squad

Funky Squad.

While Stix and Poncho infiltrate the local art scene, Grant and Cassie hang out in some art galleries, eventually making the acquaintance of the obviously shifty Ericson. We learn that Cassie, on top of her science degree, went to Art School.

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Meanwhile, Poncho has either discovered a new creative outlet, or he's just realised he's in the presence of a complete loony with only Stix to save him.

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This episode we get a better look inside the Funky Squad's office/pad/hangout or whatever you want to call it, inside police HQ.

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A fortuitous phone call leads the squaddies to a late-night stakeout...

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...which ends with the lot of them tied up at the mercy of a jovial henchman type called Fernandez.

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That's not Fernandez, by the way, that's Poncho. But you get the idea. These next two specimens have nothing whatsoever to do with the story...

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... But let's just take a moment to soak up that wild hair.

The bow tie is in honour of a charity shindig being held at Ericson's gallery, to celebrate Ericson giving some cash to the local children's hospital. But Funky Squad crash the soiree and teach the well-heeled crowd exactly what Ericson means when he says "the value of modern art lies within".

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The ad breaks this week yielded a rare treat for ABBA fans: one of the ads the group recorded in Australia, for Australian television, plugging electronics company National.

ABBA singing Nation's praises

Apparently National was the name Panasonic used to trade under in Australia, and yes, that really is ABBA singing a version of Fernando that if anything makes more sense than the original. Find out more, and view the whole collection, here: ABBA's National ads on YouTube.

(Don't get me started on the dodgy Panasonic DVD player I just bought, by the way...)

Cassie was obviously aware that ABBA had been on when she chose her outfit for the final scene:

Funky Squad Cassie as ABBA

The other ads were for Walshs clothing, touting their leisure range as "the look for the ’74 executive" and Uncle Sam’s Miracle Herbal Hair Shampoo, an advertising musical extravaganza featuring a guy panning for gold, a group of Amish people, a paddle-steamer, a host of Southern Belles and a very natty bloke, done up in an American flag, playing the banjo.

Quotes of Note

Chief (reading from Funky Squad's report): 0800: Case joint and eyeball suspect, money man splits and we make like fast downtown hot on his tail. Night moves dockside: shadow the chick and hit on the stash. This is not the way we construct a police report!

Grant: You mean people pay money for this stuff?
Cassie: Grant, it’s modern art - folks dig this stuff!
Cassie: Grant, there’s something wrong with this painting.
Grant: I’ll say - check out the price tag.

Grant: So big daddy pumps a guy full of lead, makes with the stain remover, opens his wallet and walks into the sunset?

Stix: Who died and made you art collector, Fernandez?
Fernandez: A couple of people, actually.

I'll be back next week... or whenever I get around to getting some words and pictures together... with Episode 3: Little Girl Lost.

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